Island Brae Golf Club

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Call For Tee Times: 613-732-9022

2022 Daily Play Rates

All rates are valid 7 days a week:

9 Holes:  $24.00
18 Holes:  $35.00

Prices include GST and QST
Power carts available. $9.00 per person for 9 holes. $18.00 per person for 18 holes.
Pull cart rentals available. $3.00 for 9 holes. $5.00 for 18 holes.
Rental clubs available. $7.50 for 9 holes. $15.00 for 18 holes.

Become A Member in 2022!

All memberships can be paid with a credit card.  
Prices listed include HST.  5 per cent savings if paid by Feb. 1,2022.

Single Adult: $660.00
Couple: $1175.00
Family: $1400.00
Members in these categories have unrestricted
play of the golf course.
Weekday Single: $555.00
Weekday Couple: $1000.00
Membership in these categories excludes play on
weekends and holidays.
Introductory Adult: $560.00
Introductory memberships are available to those who were not a member in a previous year and who are new to joining the Island Brae Golf Club.

Intermediate: $490.00

Juniors: $275.00

Junior (14 and under):  $175.00

Intermediate Members must be between 19-29 years of age.  Juniors are those aged 13-19.

Juniors 16 and under with a paid adult member are free of charge.